Underground Hip-Hop Blogs, 8 Websites that are Fresh to Def

Posted: January 15, 2014 in Underground Hip-Hop
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DJThere’s something like a bazillion hip-hop blogs out there on the internet that cover virtually every genre… And I’m pretty sure that’s an exact number. But how does one pick the blog that’s going to deliver you with the best content? Any true hip-hop head loves discovering the quality artists and groups that are off the grid – the ones you won’t find in mainstream media. You won’t find them listening to the radio or watching television… you’ve got to go “underground”. But the scope of underground hip-hop has completely transformed with the explosion of digital technology, now giving the average listener almost limitless access to underground music. The challenge now has become sifting through the bazillions of search results to find the best sources. Well I’ve got the hook up. Here are 8 of the best underground hip-hop blogs online to date.

1) http://undergroundhiphopblog.com/ – Tons and tons of new and old artists, and high quality interactive content makes this one of the leading authority sites in underground hip-hop. It set the mood for this article with some fresh beats bumpin’ in the background as I write; this is a site to check out for any hip-hop enthusiast.

2) http://abovegroundmagazine.com/ – An energetic site with a mix of entertainment and music alike, the entertainment is nearly all related to hip-hop and the music industry. This is another great site for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the world of hip-hop.

3) http://www.kevinnottingham.com/ – This blog is as good as it gets, strictly focusing on the “out of mainstream” type of artist you’ll probably never see on MTV or the like. This site could easily be your main source for all your hip-hop needs.

4) http://www.thewordisbond.com/ – Variety of styles is the name of the game on this blog that spans the underground hip-hop scene the world over. Focusing on both new and old hip-hop alike, and featuring lots of international artists and groups, this blog really specializes in diversity. You’re definitely going to find music here that you won’t find anywhere else.

5) http://underground-daily.blogspot.se/ – Indie hip-hop by an indie blogger, I found several underground artists here that I was unable to find anywhere else. If you truly are searching for the deep routed underground, this is a site you need to check out, without question.

6) http://nikkisiixx.com/ – Female run and operated, this blog offers tons of music as well as advice for rising artists who are looking to learn more about self-promotion and the ethics involved in the underground music industry.

7) http://ughh.com/blog/ – Here you can find plenty of reviews and albums to check out, as well as apparel and the latest fashion in the hip-hop scene. Simple and straight-forward, this is another site to consider if you have some time to kill and are in the mood for some hip-hop.

8) http://www.indiehiphop.net/ – I really like this site for a couple reasons. One, the site is a source for some of the best underground hip-hop you’ll find, and two, the format and content are simple and accessible. You’ll definitely be entertained and coming back for more. Check this blog out for sure if you want something different.

Bonus Linkhttp://musikreform.com/blog4/2012/12/16/blogs-that-support-independent-hip-hop-homework-time/Had to throw this one on here as it offers links to a hundred or more other hip-hop inspired blogs (for those that want to do some more digging).

All-in-all, these are eight of the top underground hip-hop blogs out there. If you have any recommendations on a blog that you think should have been added to this list, feel free to comment below. If you don’t see something you like, my best advice is to keep looking, or even create a blog yourself. It’s an ever changing world, and hip-hop is always evolving, so the more access we have to new faces and fresh beats, the better.

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